Karis Academy is a one-of-a-kind learning center that offers classes and tutoring in Foreign Languages and English! Our current language offerings include Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. (click the links in the green header bar above to learn more) Our English program ranges from English as a Second Language (ESL) classes for students who are beginning English learners through English Reading & Writing Enrichment classes to help students excel above grade-level Common Core Standards!

Mandarin Chinese Immersion Summer Camp

English Skills (ESL) Summer Camp

Enrichment Summer Book Club & Writing Camp!

Now accepting Summer Camp Early Registration (5% Discount before April 30th)
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Our Spring Quarter begins March 31st — sign up today!

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We offer classes for adults too!
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Parent Testimonials

We are so happy to have found Karis Academy. We have tried other language programs in the area and this is the first school where my daughter actually enjoys learning and is retaining what she has learned. The shift in attitude toward learning a new language has been priceless. The instructor is very attuned to the students' understanding and progress and makes the learning process fun and engaging, which together makes for a successful learning program.

At the end of each class, my daughter feels proud of what she has learned and is eager to know more! Both my daughter (as a student) and I (as a parent) are immensely satisfied with Karis Academy and are beyond pleased with the results.

- Cathryn, Mother of 8-year-old

My children have been going to Karis Academy for 6 months now. They attend two days a week of Mandarin classes. We do not speak Chinese at home so we are all learning together. Within two months of attending, they started incorporating Chinese words to everyday conversation. Please, thank you, etc. They are always asking me how to say a word/phrase in Chinese so I am brushing up on my Chinese too. They are also more interested in learning different cultures and trying different foods!

Karis is fantastic because the teachers are well qualified and the class sizes are small. The Directress at Karis has extensive experience in education and you can see it in how she patiently deals with the students and how she approaches her school. I also love the fact that it is a ‘one stop shop’. They offer enrichment classes in English, Arts, etc. Because I am there twice a week, I have plenty of time to observe the other classes and talk to other parents. I can tell they do a great job with their enrichment classes too. The kids are proud and excited as well as the parents too!

I definitely recommend Karis Academy. I trust my children’s education to the very qualified hands of their staff!

- Tammy, Mother of 6-year-olds

Why Karis? Child-Centered Learning Environment Experienced Teachers

Karis Academy was founded by a group of teachers who want to help prepare your child to become a global citizen.

We recognize the value of learning language and arts at a young age, including benefits to brain development, critical thinking, and even standardized test scores!

Click here to read about some of the research in these areas.

At Karis Academy, we believe that all kids love to learn! We create a fun and exciting learning environment that motivates children to learn by building on their natural interests.

We know that every child is unique! We keep our class sizes small so that teachers can provide individual attention to each student and consistent feedback to parents.

Our experienced teachers know that children don’t learn by rote memorization and worksheets. We incorporate creative activities, interactive games, lively music, and structured movement into our lessons.

Karis teachers have been trained in the developmental needs of children and know how to tailor instruction to engage different learning styles.

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