Common Core

At Karis Academy, we provide Common Core Writing and Math classes for elementary age students. Our classes are structured around Common Core standards set by the State of California.  The framework for each class is to help students achieve higher-order thinking, by first understanding the problem or prompt that needs to be addressed, and then learning to plan independently the steps to solve it.  Our experienced teachers provide measurable assessments and guide each student to think critically, analyze text, and demonstrate understanding through application.


Our programs are designed to supplement their learning at school and provide a consistent foundation for all students. Having a small group setting allows teachers to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of each child, allowing for individualized plans and goals.  With Karis Academy to support and enhance learning, your child can benefit from developing into an independent thinker and become a successful citizen in our ever growing global community.


Common Core Writing and Math classes can be taken as part of our After School Enrichment program, or as stand-alone classes.  Contact us for the latest schedule.