Drawing and Painting FUNdamentals

This class will teach a wide-range of fundamental art techniques to young artists in a warm and fun learning environment. Pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, graphite, and acrylic as well as some occasional 3D mediums will be used to create individualized projects. Students will also learn about works by famous artists and their unique characteristics. Each week techniques will be learned to create a monthly project based on the medium used.

Bugs and Botany

Dig deep and explore the amazing world of insects and plants with a trained entomologist!  Young scientists will engage in hands-on exploration, perform experiments, interpret data, and learn to think and convey information scientifically.  Content is aligned to California science standards.

CodeSpeak Labs

CodeSpeak Labs runs computer programming classes at afterschool academies and public and private schools across Orange County (including IUSD) and New York City. (See our feature in the LA Times.) Our instructors are experts in a diverse array of coding languages like Google’s Blockly, MIT’s Scratch, robotics (Lego Mindstorms), HTML/CSS (web development), Javascript (interactive websites, game design), Arduino (programming hardware/circuits) and Python (general purpose programming language). When we’re not in the classroom, we are working on startups and and other tech passion projects!

Playland PE

Children will focus on physical fitness with indoor sports and athletics while developing strength and coordination. Includes exercises and games at Playland Playground!

Hip Hop

Children will learn the latest hip hop moves in this fun dance class brought to you by OC Dance Productions.

Musical Theatre

Students enjoy acting, singing and performing choreographed dances from movies and Broadway musicals.


Tasha Chang Poblete

Soon Im Park

Frances Tan