Since 2013, Karis Academy has been on a mission to promote cultural awareness through our language classes that encourage learners from all backgrounds to not only develop new language skills, but learn about culture and traditions from another country as well!  Whether your child is learning their heritage language so they can converse with grandparents, getting a head start on language skills for their future career, or choosing a language they are just passionate about learning, we are excited to have them here!

Karis Kids Online builds on the curriculum we have developed and tailored to our students over 8 years and allows our highly experienced teachers a virtual setting for continuing their lessons with your children!  Even better, students can log-in from anywhere!  Parents can avoid the commute and children can learn language from the comfort of their home, daycare center, or even on vacation!

Our language classes are designed primarily for non-native speakers, using fun and interactive teaching strategies to motivate young students to learn and practice new language skills!  Check us out online!

New online classes for Summer Session begin June 7th.  Click [HERE] to be added to our Interest List!

How it Works:

  1. Register your child online here: [REGISTRATION]

  2. Enroll in the class(es) for your children via Parent Portal: [PARENT PORTAL]

  3. Our staff will contact you to confirm the total tuition amount and collect payment.

  4. Before the first class we will email you instructions on how to log in to each class.

  5. We ask that parents help prepare the child’s environment to maximize learning before class begins! Please find a quiet place where your child can participate in the virtual class, and remove any toys or distractions from the room.  Help your child prepare a pencil, eraser, paper, and any course materials requested by the teacher, and ask him/her to use the restroom and get a drink of water before class starts!

  6. For our youngest students, we ask that a parent stay nearby to help with any technical issues during the virtual class session!

  7. Snap a photo of your child learning online with Karis, and share it with us! We love to see their happy faces.  Please tag us @kariskidsonline