My daughter has different Chinese classes with Ms. Linda for the past four years, both in person and now online due to the pandemic. She makes the class interesting, funny and interactive so my daughter really enjoys learning Chinese with her.

My kids had yoga and art classes with Ms. Chi for the past year or so. She is very friendly, always greets people with a big smile. When the pandemic started, we continued art class with her online and she will always ask my kids how they are and chat with them in the beginning of the class. During class, she will always check all the students are able to follow along and pause and answer questions when anyone is having problems.

My daughter had Ms. Pan and Ms. Tan for Chinese when she was younger and she misses seeing them during this pandemic. Ms. Tan was funny and Ms. Pan was patient, they both encourage the students to participate and learn Chinese in a fun way.

Jenny, Mother of 5 & 9 yr old

Kuo Lao Shi is a great teacher. She makes learning easy and she is very funny! She always helps me when I need it and is very patient. – 10 year old

As soon as my 2 daughters started private tutoring with Ms Alice, I noticed a gigantic improvement in their Mandarin Chinese! Ms Alice is an extraordinary teacher who puts so much time into creating her customized lesson plans and coming up with creative materials that my girls truly enjoy learning with her! Since my husband and I do not speak Chinese, we also appreciate how Ms Alice educates my daughters on the Chinese culture such as teaching them about customs, holidays and other fun things like letting them taste Chinese foods. When we switched to online lessons I was impressed how Ms Alice kept my daughters engaged and still came up with innovative games and art projects they could do together over Zoom. My girls have continued their great progress learning Mandarin and are still having a lot of fun thanks to Ms Alice’s caring demeanor and detailed preparation. We are very grateful to have Ms Alice as their Chinese teacher!

Deborah, Mother of 6-year-old

Ms Tina is not only a very experienced Chinese teacher for both children and adults but she is also a wonderful woman who my daughters and I have grown to love like family! Ms Tina truly cares about all of her students and is constantly coming up with new and creative ways to engage them – which is especially important in an online setting! It is a testament to what an outstanding teacher Ms Tina is, that my 2 daughters are still making just as much progress in the online setting as they were in person. Ms Tina uses different media, arts, poetry, crafts and games to bring their Chinese lessons to life and make my daughters excited to learn with her every week. I feel so fortunate that my daughters have the privilege to learn from someone as exceptional a teacher, and person, like Ms Tina!

Sean, Father of 3 kids aged 10, 9, 6

Pan Laoshi is an excellent teacher who has instructed my daughter, Nora(9), in Chinese 2 and continued with online tutoring. She has also tutored my son, Isaac(10), online. Pan Laoshi connects well with her students, makes great use of online tools, and has found ways of engaging her students through online sessions. It’s been very gratifying as a parent to see my kids’ Chinese comprehension grow and have fun at the same time!

Jenny Laoshi is a great teacher who has been tutoring my son, Lincoln(6), in Chinese 1 and Kinder-Chinese. She has found entertaining ways to engage with young kids through online tutoring and has been very patient. I have been very happy to see my son’s Chinese improve while also seeing him have a good time.

My kids have been attending Karis Academy for three years and it’s been a great experience. The teachers and staff are friendly and accomodating, especially in these challenging times. The online classes have been a great way for them to continue their education and keep them engaged!

Tina Laoshi is wonderful! She’s patient and encouraging, and uses creative teaching methods like songs and crafts to make learning fun. My daughter LOVES her!

Rema – kids age 4 & 7

My daughters have been learning Mandarin at Karis Academy for 2 years now.  The individualized, personal attention my girls receive from the phenomenal teachers at Karis have resulted in our girls being able to read, write and speak Mandarin much faster than if they were in a large classroom setting.  We are VERY happy with the Karis teachers and staff

Renee, Mother of two daughters age 10

My daughter who is almost 4 has been taking Kinder Chinese 2 days a week for the last 3 months and she truly enjoys the time she spends with Ding Laoshi at Karis. She is learning to speak Mandarin phrases and sentences! We are so pleased with her progress! Both my kids ages 7 and 4 also have taken the summer camps and always had so much fun at Karis since the teachers make it both fun and educational.

Mindy, Mother of 7 and 4-year-old

We are so happy to have found Karis Academy. We have tried other language programs in the area and this is the first school where my daughter actually enjoys learning and is retaining what she has learned. The shift in attitude toward learning a new language has been priceless. The instructor is very attuned to the students’ understanding and progress and makes the learning process fun and engaging, which together makes for a successful learning program.

At the end of each class, my daughter feels proud of what she has learned and is eager to know more! Both my daughter (as a student) and I (as a parent) are immensely satisfied with Karis Academy and are beyond pleased with the results.

Cathryn, Mother of 8-year-old

My children have been going to Karis Academy for 6 months now. They attend two days a week of Mandarin classes. We do not speak Chinese at home so we are all learning together. Within two months of attending, they started incorporating Chinese words to everyday conversation. Please, thank you, etc. They are always asking me how to say a word/phrase in Chinese so I am brushing up on my Chinese too. They are also more interested in learning different cultures and trying different foods!

Karis is fantastic because the teachers are well qualified and the class sizes are small. The Directress at Karis has extensive experience in education and you can see it in how she patiently deals with the students and how she approaches her school. I also love the fact that it is a ‘one stop shop’. They offer enrichment classes in English, Arts, etc. Because I am there twice a week, I have plenty of time to observe the other classes and talk to other parents. I can tell they do a great job with their enrichment classes too. The kids are proud and excited as well as the parents too!

I definitely recommend Karis Academy. I trust my children’s education to the very qualified hands of their staff!

Tammy, Mother of 6-year-olds

We wanted a summer immersion program that wouldn’t only teach language basics, but truly expose our child to the language’s cultural aspects as well. Karis academy did a great job hitting both fronts. Our son left everyday excited to spend the day learning mandarin and participating on the numerous field trips that were provided as part of their summer program—The daily time at Playland was a big draw too. The teachers were sincere and knowledgeable and had a genuine concern for my child. Overall, we felt that the program was worthwhile. After 8 weeks, my son can do basic conversational Chinese and has a new appreciation for his heritage.

Robert and Jackie Mabesa